About Five Stars Creative

A full-service video production agency based in Las Vegas and working all over the U.S.. From concept to completion, we handle all phases of producing and distributing your video. You might not have a huge budget... but it's going to look like you did!

Thunder – Photo Shoot BTSCorporate

Thunder – Photo Shoot BTS

  What do you get when you combine four days in the middle of the desert,  a dozen crazy Aussie blokes, six gallons of baby oil, and a bullwhip?  Well, you get… this.

The D Sizzle ReelHospitality

The D Sizzle Reel

  The D is a huge part of the ongoing revitalization of downtown Las Vegas… so we were thrilled to be approached for this project.  Fremont Street is back in a huge way… this piece shows off the new digs at what locals remember as ‘The Fitz’.

SOYJOY – Fashionably Natural 1Corporate

SOYJOY – Fashionably Natural 1

  This is a preview video for a high-profile fashion show that took place during L.A.’s Fashion Week.  Newscast hired us to DP and edit both this piece and a piece on the event itself.

Wolfgang Puck – Potato PancakesHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Potato Pancakes

  Trust us.  These are delicious.  A WP classic.  And yeah, we ate the ones you see in the video.

Bishop Gorman – School TourCorporate

Bishop Gorman – School Tour

  Bishop Gorman is widely regarded as the best private high school in the state of Nevada.  We were pretty happy when they asked us to help them show off their brand new, state-of-the-art campus in Southwest Las Vegas.

The Lion King – GiveawayCorporate

The Lion King – Giveaway

  This was a great feel-good story to be a part of.  Watch how these kids react when they find out the whole school is getting free tickets to one of the best shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

BelleVox – Looking For LoveCorporate

BelleVox – Looking For Love

  W2W Records, owned by baseball great Frank ‘The Big Hurt’ Thomas,  approached us to RE-EDIT a music video when they weren’t happy with the initial product.  We guess you could say they were looking for editing… in all the right places.

Flamingo – Go RoomsHospitality

Flamingo – Go Rooms

  The Flamingo commissioned us to create some new videos to go along with a remodel – and re-branding – of their rooms.  The Go Rooms have won numerous design awards, and they translate nicely onto video.  The pieces are placed online, and also were sent directly to customers in a targeted marketing sweep.

BMW Teen Driving SchoolCorporate

BMW Teen Driving School

  Working with the Newscast team, Matt was the DP on this project.  BMW puts on these events from time to time, meant to teach young drivers some great techniques by putting them in some scary situations – in a safe environment.  We mounted cameras all over these BMWs… look for the really cool shot of the brakes engaging!

Alexis Hotel – OverviewHospitality

Alexis Hotel – Overview

Kimpton’s brand, ‘Every Hotel Has A Story’, works great for video marketing.  We’ve told a few of these… this one is called ‘The Art Of Living’.

Four Seasons Las Vegas – ‘Emotion’Hospitality

Four Seasons Las Vegas – ‘Emotion’

  This is one of our favorite resort videos we’ve produced. We think the images and the music blend perfectly to take the viewer on a one-minute vacation at one of the best hotels in the world.

Artesian Spas – TidalfitCorporate

Artesian Spas – Tidalfit

This is a sales collateral piece, featuring the company’s new TidalFit exercise pool.  Using underwater videography and some very patient models, we created a unique piece which is used both online and as a handout DVD.  We also provided still photography on this project.  One of the things we like about this piece is that it was shot in a working showroom… but you’d never know it by looking at it.  Careful attention to lighting, and some rented trees did the trick.