The Practice Channel

Build your brand while instilling confidence in your patients with The Practice Channel from Five Stars Creative. Why display regular TV in your waiting room when you could have your own practice-branded channel with all-original content? It’s a great chance to let your patients get to know you and your practice better. From in-depth features on key practice personnel and physicians to de-mystifying appointments and procedures, this will be waiting room time well spent. And it’s easier than you might think to produce all of this content. The example videos below are from a high-risk Perinatal practice. All content is original and was shot over three days.

Practice Channel – What to ExpectThe Practice Channel

Practice Channel – What to Expect

  These ‘What To Expect’ segments are another key component of any Practice Channel project. They educate patients about the appointments or procedures that they are about to experience. They put nervous patients at ease while they are waiting to see you. They take some of the mystery out of medicine.

Practice Channel DemoThe Practice Channel

Practice Channel Demo

  This is just a short segment of a 2-hour video, which is meant to play on a loop in your waiting room.  You’ll see more targeted segment examples here on the site, and if you’d like a copy of a full, 2-hour project, just click on the ‘contact us’ button.

Practice Channel – Meet The DocsThe Practice Channel

Practice Channel – Meet The Docs

  One of the most important features of any Practice Channel project, these pieces allow your patients to get to know you better… and get to know you as a person, not just a physician. It’s a fact: you don’t get to spend as much time with your patients as you’d like. Let them get to know you a little in the waiting room.

Practice Channel – Sizzle ReelThe Practice Channel

Practice Channel – Sizzle Reel

  A web marketing video for your business comes free with The Practice Channel! This is an ‘about us’ video that features doctor interviews and client testimonials. It also touches on awards and recognition that the practice has received. It can be deployed on your website, and also all of your social media channels.