We’re here to sound the death toll for the ‘virtual tour’. Yeah, that click-and-drag, 360 degree view of a room, a beach, a restaurant. We bet you’ve seen hundreds of them, but can’t really remember a single one. Frankly, they’re so…. 90′s. It’s no secret that video has become a dominant force on the internet. 1 in 4 internet searches starts at Youtube. There were 28 billion streaming videos added to the internet last year in the US alone. Social media travel sites are allowing video submissions. And savvy hoteliers are getting on the bandwagon.

Tropfest PromoHospitality

Tropfest Promo

  This is a piece made to announce/promote the move of an influential film festival to Las Vegas…. and specifically, our favorite hotel in the city.

Wolfgang Puck – SoupHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Soup

  This is another WP Holiday favorite – and one we’ve actually attempted at home!

Wolfgang Puck – Autumn SaladHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Autumn Salad

  More tasty goodness from the CUT Beverly Hills kitchen.

Wolfgang Puck – Apple PieHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Apple Pie

  Pastry chef Sherry Yard steps in and shows us how to make an EPIC apple pie.