About Five Stars Creative

A full-service video production agency based in Las Vegas and working all over the U.S.. From concept to completion, we handle all phases of producing and distributing your video. You might not have a huge budget... but it's going to look like you did!

Tropfest PromoHospitality

Tropfest Promo

  This is a piece made to announce/promote the move of an influential film festival to Las Vegas…. and specifically, our favorite hotel in the city.

Dutch Henry – The Cave-InCorporate

Dutch Henry – The Cave-In

  We really, really love working with wineries.  We’re a little teeny bit passionate about wine… and hey, it gives us a great excuse to get up to Napa and Sonoma.  Often.  Like we need one.  Anyway, here’s a fun piece from one of our all-time favorites:  Dutch Henry, right outside Calistoga.

Wolfgang Puck – SoupHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Soup

  This is another WP Holiday favorite – and one we’ve actually attempted at home!

Wolfgang Puck – Autumn SaladHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Autumn Salad

  More tasty goodness from the CUT Beverly Hills kitchen.

Wolfgang Puck – Apple PieHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Apple Pie

  Pastry chef Sherry Yard steps in and shows us how to make an EPIC apple pie.

Sunkist – Amaretto SourCorporate

Sunkist – Amaretto Sour

  We really dig working with Sunkist and with Chef Jill Davie!  Here’s a great twist on a classic cocktail.  REALLY rough day on set.  No, really.  #lovethisjob