About Five Stars Creative

A full-service video production agency based in Las Vegas and working all over the U.S.. From concept to completion, we handle all phases of producing and distributing your video. You might not have a huge budget... but it's going to look like you did!

Thunder From Down Under – B-RollCorporate

Thunder From Down Under – B-Roll

  This is a typical B-Roll release that is sent to media outlets to allow them to construct their own story.  We provide targeted soundbites and some great shots, and let the networks take it from there.  It’s a great way to get coverage for your event or project; we work closely with PR firms for proper distribution.

Wolfgang Puck – Sweet PotatoesHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Sweet Potatoes

  We absolutely love shooting with Wolf.  It’s always a great day: Flawless, 1-take execution in the kitchen.  And lunch is pretty darn good, too.

SOYJOY – SoytiniCorporate

SOYJOY – Soytini

  We love to work with chefs… And Chef Andrew Kirschner (Tar & Roses, Santa Monica CA) is one of our favorites.  He’s almost as comfortable behind a bar as he is in the kitchen!

Wolfgang Puck – Roast PorkHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Roast Pork

  More great stuff from Wolfgang – this time an alternate Holiday entree – shot on location with just two cameras at CUT, Beverly Hills.

Sunkist – PummeloCorporate

Sunkist – Pummelo

  You might not have ever tried a pummelo before – we sure hadn’t.  Sunkist hired us to help introduce you to them… with the assistance of  Southeast Asian Cuisine expert Chef Robert Danhi.

Sunkist – OrangesCorporate

Sunkist – Oranges

  You probably think you know how to cut an orange.  You might be wrong!  Let Chef Danhi school you on the ways of citrus again.

American Red Cross – Fire HurtsNon-Profit

American Red Cross – Fire Hurts

  We do a fair bit of work with non-profits, but we are especially proud of our association with the American Red Cross.  Here is a PSA we put together for their recent ‘Fire Hurts, Red Cross Helps’ campaign.

Hospitality ReelHospitality

Hospitality Reel

  We’re here to sound the death toll for the ‘virtual tour’. Yeah, that click-and-drag, 360 degree view of a room, a beach, a restaurant. We bet you’ve seen hundreds of them, but can’t really remember a single one. Frankly, they’re so…. 90′s. It’s no secret that video has become a dominant force on the internet. 1 in 4 internet searches starts at Youtube. There were 28 billion streaming videos added to the internet last year in the US alone. Social media travel sites are allowing video submissions. And savvy hoteliers are getting on the bandwagon. Moving pictures. Environmental sound. A carefully crafted script. Just the right music. In terms of an engaging marketing tool, nothing comes close. We know what you’re thinking: you’d love to create some video content… but it’s just too expensive. When it comes to Return On Investment, you’ll see that video makes a heck of a lot more sense than you ever dreamed.  Hit the ‘Contact’ button and we’ll send you a case study from one of the top hotels in the country.

SOYJOY – Fashionably Natural 2Corporate

SOYJOY – Fashionably Natural 2

  Working in conjunction with Newscast, we had complete creative freedom in developing this video, which features a fashion show from eco-designers, hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal. It’s an event wrap-up piece that was widely distributed online.

Eva Mann DesignsCorporate

Eva Mann Designs

This is a fun piece done for a uniform design company based in San Diego. The designer wanted to do a fashion show as a more creative way of showcasing her new line… so we borrowed a showroom on the Vegas Strip and ‘staged’ one.

Wolfgang Puck – Crab LouieHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Crab Louie

  Yum.  That is all.

Wolfgang Puck – CranberriesHospitality

Wolfgang Puck – Cranberries

  After you see how easy it is to make this delicious classic side, you’lll never be satisfied with canned cranberry products again.